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Arrive & Drive

Is fun or entertainment Karting. Guests can arrive and drive and enjoy the fun and adventure of kart driving at a competitive price. Eight single seater and four double seater karts are available to guests. This activity is run on a 1.2 km track during the day and 500 meters track in the evenings under flood lights

It is rental karting that introduces a driver to the sport of karting, and if this sport interests him, then Sonic Adventures Karting Circuit provides him the further opportunity to get into serious karting...

Karting School

RPM Karting school provides a unique opportunity to all, interested in learning the art of Kart racing and pursue their career in Motor Sport. RPM Karting School offers 4 levels, Basic level on 4.5bhp engines, level 1 on 8bhp Radne imported engines from Sweeden. Level 2 on 15bhp Radne engines, Level 3 on 30bhp imported engine from Italy.

Former Karting Champion, Mr. Fazal Khan from Bangalore is the trainer and Mr. Shrikant Shah from Pune the Chief co ordinator and advisor.

Karting Club

Membership to the club will be available to all drivers after graduating from the Karting school. Karting Club will organize kart racing on weekends amongst the club members.

The driver member who wins will collect points from five to one for finishing positions of first to fifth. The driver who accumulates the maximum number of points in one year, will become the club champion. Kart races will be held in various age groups, viz Age Group 8 to 12 years, 13 to 16 years and 16 years and above.


Apart from holding its own weekend races, Karting Club will organize National and International races. The circuit will also be available on hire to other individuals / Organizations / Clubs to conduct races.