NEWS & Alerts
Go-Kart track for walk-in customers will remain closed from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM on 07,08 & 09 January, 2019 due to some private event.
Pls. Note - Swimming Pool is reserved for the swimming academy between 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, everyday.

Adventure Games

X-Treme | Bull's Eye | Cover Drive | Zipline | Futsal | Balanze Bike | Shoot Out

Xtreme (ATV Rides)

ATV Adventure Rides - All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) are very sporty and geek when we see it in films, arrive at RPM and experience it for real! When you get your hands on an ATV it is UNBELIVABLE. The sheer grip of its tyres on rough bumpy roads, that eerie feeling when you climb up and come down the steep humps and pass on through water puddles. The true adrenaline rush when you steer your way through the gamut of all terrains. It is an ultimate for an adventure enthusiast. These vehicles have been brought from Polaris USA and the fleet of 9 ATV’s of 90 cc to 800 cc are ready to go vrrooommmm!!! On your command!

Bull's Eye (Archery)

If you have those shooting skills which can hit the bull’s eye, you can arrive at RPM and hone your skills at Archery.

Shoot Out (Paint Ball)

Shoot out is a team building game played with Paint Ball. It is the most in thing in adventure sports for all age groups. It brings the players in real combat situation where strategies are planned to manoeuver your moves, over power and overcome your opponent. It is a great way to carry out team building exercises for corporate.

Cover Drive (Cricket Pitch with Bowling Machine)

In a cricket crazy world, we offer two cricket pitches with automated bowling machines that will deliver the balls at short intervals and with accuracy. You can bat and display your cricket skills by facing swings and spins. A great entertainment for all age groups.

Zip Line

Its primitive mode of commutation in hilly terrains but at RPM it’s an adventure and recreational event. The equipment comprises of a cable stretched between points of different elevation, a pulley and a harness or bar for attaching the passenger or rider, who moves by gravity.


Soccer lovers would love to try their foot at Futsal. It is a game played in covered net with limited members but the thrill is like a fully fledged Soccer Match.

Balanze Bike

Balancing is a life skill and RPM has series of bikes which gives you ample opportunity and fun filled way of Balancing the Bikes.