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Pls. Note - Swimming Pool is reserved for the swimming academy between 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, everyday.

About RPM

A Sonic Adventure Initiative

There is something in human nature which is very unique. We like ADVENTURE!!

So we indulge in sports, adventure games and in racing. The thrill of getting behind the wheel of a four-wheel drive, or on a bike, or on any kind of wheels for that matter, like a go-kart vehicle cannot be merely explained. It has to be experienced. The squealing of tyres, shrieking of the brakes, smell of the burnt rubber and that sheer rush of adrenaline can be exhilarating for any motor racing enthusiast.

Sonic Adventure (a partnership firm established in 2012) is committed to promoting Motor Sports, Adventure Sports and Water Sports activity in a professional, safe and affordable manner. We are the team of SPORTS professionals dedicated to make your adrenaline tide and flow. Jackie Stuart three times ex-Formula One world champion once made a statement during the inaugural F1 race in India at the Buddh Circuit “Kart Racing is the stepping stone to Formula Car Racing. If India wants to produce a Formula One driver, what it requires is more and more kart racing circuits and not Formula One Circuits”.

Taking a cue from this we took a pioneering step forward to set up a 1.2 kms long Kart racing circuit named (RPM), confirming to the International norms (FIA CIK ) at 10 kms drive from Bhopal city. RPM Go-Karting is dedicated to make you experience the thrill and fun of SPORTS and how to make it a career option.

Other activities include, an ATV (All terrain vehicle) track with vehicles imported from Polaris (USA). Two cricket pitches with bowling machines, Paint Ball/ Laser Tag and Archery zone, a Zip Line, Futsal and 50 meters four lane Swimming Pool.

The adventure zone is flood lit, so engaging in various activities is a unique experience. It is also supported by a 10,000 sq ft of construction which houses a multi cuisine restaurant, pavilion space to sit and watch the action on the track, souvenir shop, accessories shop, Press Room, stewards and Race Director’s room, Medical room etc.

As part of its commitment to promoting Motor sporting activity in a professional manner, Sonic Adventure is in the process to run a Karting school and Karting Club which will train young enthusiasts in motor racing, they can thus choose a career in F1 racing.